Absolutely! This is exactly what we are about. Everything we offer is offered by a relevant professional so you know that you or your daughter is getting the right information.

Take a look at your daughter’s relevant age group and have a look at what’s on offer. It’s usually best to ask her so she can take some control of her health and find the way that resonates with her the most. All of our offerings can be done in any order so it doesn’t matter where you start, just getting started is the best first step!

We offer refunds for any program or offering that we need to cancel in these challenging and changing times.

All of our programs have a strong focus on bringing our community together and we just know that with time every member will find their place in our tribe. If you are nervous or shy, it can be good to start with an online course or membership as these offer the opportunity to work independently. You can always progress to a different option once you feel comfortable!

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