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Workshops, Classes, Courses and Memberships for young girls who want to focus on their health, nutrition, mindset and happiness.

Welcome To Girl Thrive

At Girl Thrive we build strong bodies, ambitious minds and nourished lives through education, empowerment and a holistic focus on health. We offer the only programs of its kind in Sydney with a focus on each individual’s unique health journey and goals.

What We Offer

Why You'll Love Girl Thrive


Our Girl Thrive community brings like minded young girls together to educate and empower both themselves and each other to live a nourished life.


Our focus is on educating young girls to learn all they can to nourish their own bodies and to thrive in the healthiest version of themselves.

Professional Instructors

We pride ourselves on providing information that is from valid sources and qualified individuals who are working within their scope of practice. All of our instructors are highly qualified in their respective fields. They are role models in their specialties and love to inspire the next generation.

Holistic Health and Fitness

We know that health is more than food and exercise. We weave mindset into everything that we do and consider all the other aspects that can affect how happy and healthy we are.


Our programs are social! We know that you'll love making new friends no matter how you are involved. It's one of the most important parts of why we do what we do!


We're not here to lecture and bore you. Our programs are designed to give variety when needed whilst also being structured and informative.


At Girl Thrive we want to educate. We believe this is the best way for young girls to make decisions that positively influence their physical and mental well being for the rest of their life.


Fitness can be confusing and intimidating but Girl Thrive is the place where we aim to make it everything but that! Our classes are varied because part of the fun of moving your body is figuring out what you love to do.


Our workshops are a great place to start! You can choose from a face to face eventor an online event to get started on your health journey. Select your age group below.


Memberships are a great way to support an ongoing health and fitness journey. You can choose from an online, face to face or hybrid membership model to choose the best of what we have to offer.

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