School Years 3-6 Courses

Our Intro to Health Course is a great place to get started! Mums, this one is also for you! There is so much information out there and it’s so hard to know if you are following the right guidelines. This course is designed for you and your daughter to complete together. it’s the perfect Mum and Daughter bonding activity and you get to discover together. This is your chance to show your daughter how important health education is, by learning and growing with her in your own health knowledge.

Our courses cover 4 major topics



Other Factors
For Health

Goal Setting & Creating Healthy Habits

The course is approximately 6 hours in duration. Each topic has 1 hour of video content for you to learn about each area and then around 30 minutes of activities for each topic for you to implement what you have learnt.

We recommend completing 1 topic per week to finish the course within a month but you have plenty of flexibility to choose to learn whenever suits you best. You have 6 months to complete the course so you can create whatever schedule works for you!

Our Intro to Health Course Is Just


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